Auracell® Cellulosic Technology to Airline Industry

Innovative JetScent® Product Offering is Industry’s First Dry-Touch Fragrance-Emitting Unity

March 18, 2015 — Linden, New Jersey (PRWEB)

Rotuba, a leader in custom compounding and extrusion, has announced a partnership with Celeste Industries to bring custom scented soap bottles featuring the industry’s first dry-touch fragrance-emitting units to airlines. With a revolutionary design, the new JetScent® soap bottles combine innovative components from Rotuba, Celeste, and fragrances company Sozio to provide airline passengers a more positive in-flight experience while adhering to the highest technical and safety standards required for the industry.

Fragrance is known to evoke

strong emotion and

motivations in people.

In terms of the airline industry,

incorporating rich scents will

create a much more relaxing

environment for flyers.

Manufactured and assembled by Celeste, the JetScent® bottle features a fragranced Auracell® collar that attaches to the base of the soap dispenser and flows seamlessly with the overall design of the product. While standard airline soap bottles feature a saturated paper media or wicking system from liquid fragrance holders, JetScent® is the first in the industry to incorporate encapsulated fragrance technology that is fully dry to the touch. Additionally, the bottles are designed to fit all standard airliners, with a threaded or protrusion bottom that easily adapts to holders in the aircraft lavatory or gallery area.

“With commercial airliners focusing on placing more and more passengers in seats, the inevitable result is a much higher use of the lavatories – and a much larger challenge for operators to control odors and ensure a pleasant experience for travelers,” said Adam Bell, President of Rotuba. “The fragrances incorporated into the JetScent® collar allow for that positive passenger experience, especially when combined with airlines’ existing protocols for lavatory cleaning and maintenance.”

“Fragrance is known to evoke strong emotion and motivations in people. In terms of the airline industry, incorporating rich scents will create a much more relaxing environment for flyers,” said Frederic Braud, CEO of Sozio. “With the custom scents we’re providing to Rotuba and Celeste, we’re confident that customers who experience the product will feel that much more comfortable on their flights.”

United Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, and American Airlines have already converted their lavatory hand soap dispensing system to the JetScent® product for all of their aircraft.  Southwest Airlines is planning the switch within the next few weeks while Alaska Airlines is in the final stages of product design.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Rotuba and Sozio to revolutionize an industry that can truly benefit from our product,” said Gene DeJackome, President of Celeste Industries. “Rotuba’s Auracell® technology provided us a complete solution that brought together advanced fragrance incorporation, intricate odor blocking technology, and molded parts capability. The inherent safety of the encapsulated fragrance is a competitive advantage over other industry offerings.”

Auracell®, which is manufactured by Rotuba and scented by Sozio, is a plastic polymer derived from sustainable resources and specifically well suited for carrying complex scents. To create it, Rotuba combines the wood-based polymer, fragrance, color, and other additives in ratios designed to optimize the fragrance’s intensity while maintaining the physical characteristics of the finished plastic. The mixture is then compounded into plastic pellets which are used for subsequent molding or extruding into a final desired shape.

For more than 60 years, Rotuba has been an industry leader in custom compounding, with its brands including Auracell® and Naturacell®. Today, Rotuba is at the forefront of the shift to a greener industry with Auracell®, a polymer derived from trees and cotton that can incorporate long-lasting scents.  Auracell® can be reprocessed, recycled and reused in most applications, making it a smart choice for manufacturers looking to meet increasing green demands around the world. Learn more at: