What Is Auracell™ Scented Natural Polymer?

What is Auracell?


Auracell is a sustainable plastic that’s perfect for nearly any scented product you can imagine. At the heart of Auracell is Cellulose, a material derived from sustainable resources that’s ideally suited to carrying complex scents.
Auracell Manufacturing Process

  • Enduring fragrance. This is no ordinary air freshener. We have samples that are still retaining fragrance after 20 years!
  • Unforgettable look and feel. Auracell delivers a memorable and unmatched multisensory experience for customers thanks to our custom color matching, superior clarity and high gloss.
  • Unlimited possibilities. We work with internationally renowned fragrance companies, including Givaudan and J&E Sozio, to incorporate just about any aroma you want. Additionally, ask about our three-step prototyping process.
  • Earth friendly. 7 in 10 consumers say they’d gladly choose greener products, and Auracell delivers. Made from sustainably harvested trees or cotton, it’s also free of BPA and phthalates.


A closer look at how we turn Cellulose, a material derived from sustainable resources, into versatile compounds that play an important role in a wide variety of products. Watch the video for more information or download PDF.

Working with Cellulose, we can incorporate nearly any aroma imaginable. And then we can customize a color to match it. The result is unforgettable … smells like success! Watch the video or download PDF to learn more.

Authentic fragrance. Environmental responsibility. Two product attributes consumers increasingly demand. Auracell delivers on both fronts with Cellulose, a material derived from sustainable resources that’s ideally suited to carrying complex scents.

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